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The process of Geographical Expansion, its potential and its complexity are often underestimated and too often approached with non-systematic methods, based more on the perceptive understanding of the global opportunities than on reality.
Too many times companies struggle in fully exploiting the value of geographical expansion even when they have the resources to make the required investments. These mechanisms often end up in limiting the development investments to the markets where intuitively there is an easier payback.
The major barriers to a systematic approach typically can be found in the lack of relaible, fact-based, company-relevant market information, in the difficulty of processing a large amount of eterogeneous data and in the implementation flaws that often represent significant deviations from plans. 


For more than 20 years we have all worked and succeeded on the front-line of big organizations facing and exploiting geographical expansion opportunities.
We have already done it , we have successfully built new geographic presence from scratch several times in most of the mature and emerging countries.   We understand the difference between desk-friendly, tick market reports and successful implementation, between abundant market data and decision-friendly, focused information.
We work collaboratively sharing and opening our proven processes with the organization facilitating capability transfer so that clients gain permanent ability to face the same issues autonomously.  We follow hand-in-hand implementation phases making ourselves accountable for milestones and results.
In mature export markets we have helped our clients to turn slow growth organizations into profitable, double-digit growth success stories.
In Emerging Markets we have helped clients to succeed in new market entrance withing the planned time and exceeding the sales expectations by ensuring strong double-digit growth while optimizing operating expenses and minimizing both currency and collection risks.
The implementation phase is when most of consulting practices leave clients with a pat on the shoulder and a tick book of market researchers and strategic imperatives. ThinKeen Global follows your organization, hand-in-hand through the Entry Phase supporting a rational implementation aligned with the earlier planning phases. 



The approach we offer is a solid strategy planning and execution process tailored to Geographical Expansion. Instead of limiting the development opportunities to the markets where intuitively there is an easier payout our process rationally identifies and prioritizes all available options.  

RealOption Analysis: clarifying prioritization criteria we encourage companies to move from a too diffused opportunistic approach based on partial knowledge of the target markets or on anecdotal information towards a systematic research on ALL available options ranking them using shared criteria.

Real Returns: we create a strong link between reality, assumptions and figures through a modeling approach which allows reliable predictability holding a realistic degree of sensitivity  with respect to environmental changes.  We focus on pre-Tax and Cash-flow approach vs. a simple revenue growth approach which allows our clients to make projections for the profitability of the operations and the working capital throughout the time.

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