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An (Interantional Joint Venture) IJV is a binding, highly involving, international partnership agreement between two companies: it is designed to foster the implementation of the two companies strategies.
3 elements need to be built in the design of an IJV: Viability, Stability
AND Structure.


New partnerships and acquisitions require a deep knowledge of our client. We spend a significant amount of time and resources asking questions and giving answers: why is the company seeking an acquisition, why a JV, why in that geographic area, why on those products.
Does the company realise the strategic and managerial implications of such decision?  
Once the strategic questions are answered we perform scouting activities to identify the best acquisition candidates or - if the candidate has be already identified- we gather all the required information to evaluate the existence of an actual strategic fit. While we refer to external partners for standard due diligence we perform a deep organizational and capability due diligence.  
We have successfully walked our client through the process of forming Joint Ventures and signing complex licensing agreements allowing an exceptionally quick implementation time while managing the involved strategic risks. We have identified acquisition candidates in remote countries gathering market insights and relevant information allowing our clients to make the best acquisition decisions.


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