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Internal Commercial Training refer to in-house and/or online training sessions focused on maximizing the effectiveness of your Marketing and Sales Organization.


How more efficient is your organization when all of your marketing product managers in all of the countries speak the same marketing language ?
How powerful is when all marketing plans embrace all aspects of segmentation, targeting, buying processes.....without forgetting important elements that are key for a successful execution?
How effective is when a Marketing Plan for a new product launch or for the access to a new market segment is execution friendly? Measurement friendly? Forecast friendly?
We can help your commercial organization to achieve this level of effectiveness globally.
How many codes of ethics have your employees signed and returned? 
How many multiple choices questionnaires have been mandatorily filled and submitted ?
How many micro-rules do your commercial force has to memorize and recall in every single occasion?
We can help your global commercial organization by training them  on the underlying principles of pharma ethics and compliance.


For Marketing Professionals
Our training programs can be delivered globally and almost simultaneously in person and/or via HD web conferencing and webcasting.
The advantage of having a proven process, a common marketing assessment and management process,  a common vocabulary and common KSI/KPI is priceless because it helps rational investment decisions and it boosts both accountability and ability to measure results.
For non-Marketing Professionals
Many functional managers without a formal marketing education lack a satisfactory understanding of international marketing that would help them to more efficiently contribute to the commercial efforts.  The educational programs give the opportunity to non-marketing managers and functional executives to understand and get comfortable with all the key elements of global marketing and the process of marketing management. These programs are particularly important for financial leaders involved in investment decisions. 





ThinKeen has 25 years of field-based learning in high-risk emerging markets in ethics and compliance.
Multinationals in the life science industry spend hundreds of millions of dollars in trying to prevent ethical and compliance incidents that translate in business tragedies. Despite these efforts, organizations continue to fail, individuals continue to behave dangerously and the incidence of fraud and reported levels of corruption are not declining.  
Through our online-based diagnostic and through our interview-based  assessments we are able to inform our Client's management about gaps between the desired organizational awareness and engagement in relation to the important topics of Ethics & Compliance.
Through our engaging training programs based on street-grown  understanding of barriers to compliant behaviors and enriched by the discussion of complex real cases, we are able to effectively complement our Client efforts in closing  the gaps  level of organizational awareness and engagement in relation to these important topics.
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