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In healthcare, the value of Companies, of their products and services, needs to be carefully qualified and quantified looking at different aspects through their lifecycle: the value of the target markets and their trends, the true value for patients, the payer's priorities and the user acceptance. Furthermore a disenchanted analysis of the past financial performances aimed to estimate the future organic baseline growth is performed.   
We all are aware of how easy it can be to write market penetration rates, prices, volumes on a PowerPoint presentation. We prefer to tie each figure to realistic assumptions and to support each component of net income with  facts and well-spelled milestones.
Once the decision to acquire is made and the key business targets atre set, we perform a deep gap analysis focused on organizational capabilities highlighting the needed realignment required to support the implementation of the business plan.


The Actual Market Opportunity  
When a company is being evaluated, we initially focus on the actual market opportunity and perform key activities such as:  Identification of the value for both patients and healthcare providers. Quantification of the potential global market. Scanning of Existing Direct & Indirect competition. Field-based verification of competitive advantage claims by geographic areas. 
The Company Performances
Using our proven processes we analyze the historical and present ability of the Company to transform each market opportunity in sustained, profitable income and predictable cash flow. This process permits to separate the actual business performances from other non-organic or "artificial" effects on financial performances. It also focuses on potential underperformances relevant to the evaluation of the company.
Once the financial objectives are set, we help our clients to tend to re-think completely the organization structure and composition on the base of the business objectives instead of focusing in simply redeploying the existing resources .
Expectation-Matching Commercial Capabilities
The competencies required for the achievement of the business objectives are clearly spelled in the implementation section of the business and strategy plan.
In particular we deliver strong commercial implementation plans including both details about the commercial organization and facts about the talents required to ensure successful implementation.
Business Planning fro Venture Capital



We have observed that there is a frequently an un-bridged knowledge gap between Target Organizations and Private Equity firms  (PE) .    The latter have a deep financial understanding of their investment risk tolerance and sought returns while Target Organizations usually have a deeper technical and operational understanding of their  business .
ThinKeen business and strategy planning process  integrates these two knowledge bases managing both the naturally conservative posture of the existing organization and the dangerous, non-fact-based ROI expectations.
Through ThinKeen  Strategic Planning & Implementation process Clients are guided in setting a reality-based business strategy built on measurable assumptions, on reliable market information and on a decision-making process framed around shared and rational decision criteria. ​
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