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Organizations that do not enjoy an existing local presence, will need  a capability assessment to build the ideal new commercial channel.  The commercial organization is designed to support the top line expectations while foreseeing future organizational developments and the acquisition of new capabilities.
When our client desires to mitigate the entrance risk through the use of local distributors, we use the capability assessment process to benchmark in order to identify  the best local partner (or the best network of regional partners).  
For those younger companies interested in more involved support, we also make available our own capabilities through commercial & operational interim management including the set-up and management of international distribution networks. We will also help  transition to full time employees. 


Distributor Product-Specific Search
Search for distributors specialized in our Clients Product Portfolio.  Distributor initial contacts and interviews are focused on understanding Salesforce, Marketing & logistical capabilities.
Ranked Short List of Distributors
Based on the above information and on the Client's selection criteria, a short list of distributor candidates is prepared.
Distributor Competitive Landscape and market positioning 
One or two names short list of Clients’ best distribution matches supported by facts and data. Market information about tangible and intangible assets are considered in this selection. Final recommendation includes sales, gross margin and distributor margin outlook.
Expectation-Matching Capabilities
ThinKeen uses a proven process to match the commercial capabilities that maximize growth and profitability of Clients. We take into account demand generation, product portfolio prioritization and the related needs for specific commercial processes and approaches.  




Distributor Identification & Pre-Contract Management Goals 
When exclusivity is negotiated, more performance commitments and acceptable expectations need to be set.
We  consider the candidate distributor's strengths and weaknesses  
The outlined agreement is then discussed with the candidate distributor. While distributorship negotiation and contract finalization are taking place, constant contact with the candidate distributor is maintained in order to facilitate the negotiation and maintain the distributor’s motivation. 

Implementation Management                            
Once a distribution agreement is signed, we verify both actual geographic coverage and actual promotional and sales activities. 
Quarterly Follow-ups with the Distributors regarding target achievement and review  of commercial actions & milestones.  Fine tune currency and exchange rate issues.     
Quarterly Reporting to Client  on the actual vs. forecast situation with recommendations for commercial actions and evaluation of back-up distribution options
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